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As one of the city’s oldest clubs, Harmonie is truly a New York institution. As the Club has evolved from its founding vision, the membership has grown to include leaders and achievers in the most significant fields and walks of life.

Harmonie’s ranks include the most prominent professionals in finance, real estate, medicine and law as well as enterprising entrepreneurs. Beyond their primary occupations, however, members are recognized for their active participation in cultural, civic, social and charitable causes. This sense of community is consistent with the values and fraternal fabric of Harmonie.

Membership is open to candidates 21 years of age and older. Categories of membership are designed to accommodate various age groups as well as non-residents.

The policy of The Harmonie Club in its admissions process is not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, age or national origin. Candidates for membership require a sponsor and a seconder as well as familiarity with other existing members, as indicated in the application.

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